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A.P. O'Malley

A.P. O’Malley was born in Dublin, Ireland.

For twenty years he lived in the United States, mostly Manhattan in New York City.

O’Malley worked in a myriad of jobs throughout the last two decades: including waiting tables where he served Muhammad Ali, Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg and numerous other famous and not so famous people. As a doorman, on Fifth Avenue, he observed the many Manhattan characters and residents in their natural habitat. And later, as an options trader, he got a tiny taste of “high finance”.

Tiring of the tedium of nine-to-five, he worked on commercials and movies and saw, firsthand the machinations of advertising and marketing. He drove trucks and vans all over New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey to locations where movies and commercials were shot and produced. For ten years, O’Malley taught and lectured in Baruch College-CUNY in the heart of the Big Apple.

He has written ten books: three collections of short stories, three collections of poetry (under the name Antoin O Maille) and three non-fiction books. In January 2014 he self published his seventh book, Leaving New York, Volume III of his poetry collection. In 2013, he wrote Tempered with Reality a non-fiction economics book, published by Cognella Inc. It looks at the world of economics and the chasm between the reality and the theory.

Recently he completed his tenth book and currently he is working on his first novel.


A.P. O’Malleys books are published by Banseed Productions and are available on Amazon and Cognella


Books published.


Words written.


Miles cycled.

A.P. O’Malleys Interests


Short stories demand concise description and sharp, crisp sentences and are a form that O’Malley has been perfecting over the past twenty years. Two volumes have been written and a third will soon be complete. Character development, circumstance and struggle all vie for position in the short stories he has written. Volumes include: The Vagrant Adjunct and Other Stories and The Omen and Stories from Behind the Door  with characters as diverse as the streets and avenues in Manhattan. New York Symphony: Tinkling the Ebony and Other Stories- Short Story Collection III  should be complete in 2016. O’Malley has had public readings of his unpublished fiction, using feedback from the audience as a measure of the impact his work had at a moment in time.


Under the Gaelic name Antóin Ó Máille, A.P. O’Malley has published three volumes of poetry: The Voice Within and Other Poems: Volume I  (1993 – 1999). Having written poetry in his early teens and continued into adulthood, O’Malley decided to dig out all of the scraps of paper indented with ink over the decades and type each poem on an old Brother typewriter found on East 37th Street in Manhattan. Some poems were written in the forty-five diaries he has kept over the years and had to be entered into an old Toshiba Satellite, then printed and placed into a folder, three hundred in total comprising of another two volumes: Consciousness and Other Poems: Volume II  (2000 to 2012) and Leaving New York and Other Poems  (2012 – 2014). Poetry was always a form he regarded as a way to explain deeper thoughts, questions, doubts, Life’s mysteries and spiritual concerns. He has read my poetry in public on several occasions, mostly in Manhattan, New York City.


Two non-fiction books have been written and published over the past few years and a third is to be complete in 2016. Areas of interest include Economics and the impact banks have had on society, from local to global. As an ex-trader in a bank in New York City in the mid-nineties O’Malley had firsthand experience of the dangers of speculation and betting against the economic and political strength of a currency. For the past twenty years he has had a series of interesting (and not too interesting) jobs, from waiting tables to opening doors as a doorman, to driving trucks as a production assistant on movies and commercials; Seventy-Seven and Counting: Navigating an Uncertain Economy  looks at the world of work and details the humorous scenarios he experienced over twenty years of working in New York City.

Film Scripts

Katina Productions, a New York City-based production company has worked with A.P. O’Malley on several script projects, one of which Fog of War, won an Oscar for best documentary in 2004. O’Malley has assisted in the preparation of many independent movie scripts for subtitling into Spanish and French including State and Main, Dark Harbour, Return to Paradise, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and many more. He has written a full-length movie script with the working title: No Menus a comedy set in a Manhattan high rise from the perspective of an Irish doorman, navigating through a myriad of fascinating characters and his irritating boss, a Napoleonic-complex ridden superintendent with a petty minded attitude and a brain the size of a pea!


A.P. O’Malley has written for a variety of publications over the past twelve years from NYVELOCITY and The Bike Comes First (both bike racing and lifestyle online publications) to Bank Security News a print publication that migrated online to become Banking Innovation.net. In 2004 O’Malley received a Masters in Business Journalism from Baruch College-CUNY. He taught workshops to journalism students of the College Now programme in Baruch College, one of whom won a scholarship to a well known east coast college. O’Malley also wrote an Op-Ed piece (under a pseudonym) for a union newspaper The Clarion detailing the fraud perpetrated by a well known New York restaurateur and how his company attempted to hide millions of dollars of tips due to waiters during the DOTCOM era. He was one of those waiters!

Editing and Proofreading

A.P. O’Malley has edited content for colleagues and clients including Institutional Investor and proofread many manuscripts and documents for grammar, spelling and syntax, correcting and presenting much needed feedback on structure and style.


A.P. O’Malley has engaged in academic research and worked with one of UCD’s expert professors of agriculture, assisting in a study of the state of Ireland’s agri-industry, interviewing and writing various aspects of a report that was the centre piece of a conference of industry leaders held in UCD (University College Dublin) in 2014. His interest in research also led him to write a thesis on Mexican Immigration in New York City for a Masters he completed in 2004.


Over the past few years A.P. O’Malley has been working on a play for the theatre based on cyclists in Central Park, all of whom have a passion
for racing and training, with differing backgrounds, ethnicity and attitudes, to life.


With strong opinions on a myriad of subjects that affect the lives of ordinary people, O’Malley feels compelled to write commentary on economics, politics, finance, immigration, corruption, injustice and propaganda. He has written posts on LINKEDIN and maintains a FACEBOOK page Common Sense-enomics both cyber vehicles for goings-on in the world we live in today.

A.P. O’Malley

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